The G1010 oxygen gas detector and analyzer uses a galvanic oxygen cell to measure oxygen over an exceptional dynamic range of 100% to 0.1ppm (parts per million) in a variety of gases. The instruments are microprocessor- controlled and provide exceptional performance and versatility.

A large multi-digit, auto-ranging LCD shows the concentration and user-adjustable parameters.

Two alarm channels, user-programmable to be high, low or off, each provide one set of volt-free changeover contacts, and can be set to any concentration within the span of the instrument.

A user programmable analogue output of 0 to 5v or 4 to 20mA is available at the time of ordering.

Several versions of sensor are available, enabling the analyzer to operate at optimum performance in a diverse range of applications. These include a sensor suitable for operating in the presence of high concentrations of mildly acidic gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide.

Remote sensor versions are available that allow the separation of the control/ display module and sensor by up to several hundred metres. Depending on the distance and concentration being measured, the sensor is either connected directly to the display module or via an integral two wire transmitter. Because the sensor conforms to the ‘simple apparatus’ category as defined by European standard EN 50020, remote sensors may be located in a hazardous area. A suitable zener barrier or galvanic isolator must be inserted between the sensor assembly and the control/display module.