The Remote Digital Display provides continuous information on the status of any PureAire oxygen or toxic gas monitors by remotely mirroring the monitor’s display panel. A large, bright red LED display continuously illuminates the oxygen or gas reading from the monitor up to 250 feet away and is compatible with PureAire’s line of oxygen monitors, and toxic or corrosive gas detectors.

Facilities That Need This Product

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Cryogenic
  • Food Processing


  • Bright 1″ red LED digital display
  • Built-in alarm and fault status LEDs
  • User selectable dual level alarm set points
  • Built-in 90dB audio alarm
  • Two tone horn distinguishes between alarm 1 and alarm 2

Why choose PureAire?

PureAire Monitoring Systems, Inc. is an industry leader in oxygen monitoring and gas detection. For over 20 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the safety of our clients, and the customers they serve, by manufacturing monitors that are long-lasting, accurate, and reliable. PureAire takes pride in providing exceptional customer service, along with 24/7 availability to our technical service department.

What is an Oxygen Deficiency Monitor?

The Oxygen Deficiency Monitor is designed for continuous monitoring in confined spaces where low oxygen levels pose a hazard to personnel.

What gases can be detected with an Oxygen Deficiency Monitor?

PureAire’s oxygen deficiency monitors continuously measure oxygen levels in an ambient atmosphere where inert gases, including nitrogen, argon, helium and carbon dioxide are used.

Easy to Use

The monitor arrives ready to work right out of the box. Simply secure the unit to the wall 3-5 feet from the gas source, plug it in, and power it on. The monitor will begin sampling oxygen levels after a brief startup period. Oxygen levels are displayed clearly on the screen for easy access and visibility.

Top Advantages of a Remote Digital Display

Remote Digital Display

PureAire’s remote digital display comes with 2 adjustable alarm setpoints that is compatible with PureAire’s line of oxygen monitors and toxic gas detectors. Alarm signals also can tie into automatic shut-off valves when oxygen levels fall below the OSHA threshold.

Easy To Use

The remote digital display easily connects to provides constant monitoring with little to no adjustments, saving you time and money while allowing the monitor to operate seamlessly. Our quality sensor makes this the longest lasting O2 monitor on the market.

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