• Measures from 100% to less than 1ppm
  • Fast response time – 20.9% to 1% in less than 5 seconds
  • Remote sensor for versatility
  • RS232 port with remote calibration facility
  • Fully programmable alarms and analogue output

The Z1030 zirconia oxygen analyser measures a wide range of oxygen concentrations (from percentage levels to a few ppm) in clean gases. It is ideal for use where accurate measurement of oxygen is a vital part of a manufactured product. The MTL Gas zirconia oxygen sensor provides a wide dynamic range with minimal interference from other gases. The unique cell and heater design gives very fast warm-up times, rapid response, and long sensor life. A wide choice of range and sampling options is provided to produce virtually ‘custom-built’ systems.

A hydrocarbon tolerant zirconia sensor is available as an option. This has been developed by the R&D department at Eaton and significantly improves accuracy in some applications where hydrocarbons can give a false low reading.

A fully bi-directional RS232 port is provided to allow the analyser to communicate with most proprietary micro controllers and, when used with the supplied software, gives full remote control capability.

Two alarm channels, user configurable for high, low or off states and hysteresis, each provide one set of volt-free changeover contacts. They can be set to any concentration within the span of the instrument. A choice of two analogue outputs is provided, 0 to 5V or 4 to 20mA, each with several preset ranges.

The standard sampling system 
includes a simple needle valve and flowmeter. Options include: sample pump, fast flow loop system, syringe injection port. We also supply a range of sample conditioning accessories to cater for different sample sources.